Friday, September 17, 2010

Contact Info.

If you need to contact me for info you can easily send me an email through the numerous sites I utilize contact page. This does not mean you are dealing with a fictional person just someone protecting their personal info on the internet. For some reason lately I have had a few cliches come up and just feel it is better for my own sanity to guard most of the contact info you would normally see. Most artist work from their studios which are linked to their homes and the line can be blurred between business and personal with too much information being released. This is why I have simplified and blocked or deleted most of my info. At this point of time most of us either text or email what we need to do so really why show all the rest. I answer all my inquiries promptly. I also make my studio available by appointments. So when browsing through an artists website and you think they are being elusive, they are just trying to keep themselves safe from prying eyes and unscrupulous people.


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