Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is it a scam or a sale?


Recently I have had inquiries regarding items in my Etsy Shop. I am more than happy to answer your questions and requests. Unfortunately doing business online can leave any artist in jeopardy of scams resulting in the loss of product and cash. Many times you are a qualified customer and  everything works out great. Then comes that one individual that simply steals from you and that trusting artist learns that not everyone is honest. This is a business and artists are learning first hand how to be very astute business people. Maybe you truly are a legitimate customer and want the item but the artist opts  not to finalize the business transaction because they think the transaction may be another scam. For instance, I receive an email or on Etsy a convo and the language is broken or written very poorly, my gut will start to send me red flags of caution, but I usually will press on. Or I receive a request that they want me to set up an account for them with PayPal and they will definitely be good for the money. Remember you already have an account with PayPal.

If you are a customer try to present yourself with courtesy and  professionalism for this is a business, most of the time friendly. As for the later situation it is plain common sense not to follow through with any sale under these type of circumstances. Walk away from the deal and though you may feel you lost a sale just think how you would feel if it was all just a scam. Just because someone wants to purchase from you does not mean you have to sell it if your gut says "this is not right it doesn't make any sense". Me, I allow my gut to make the final ruling and it has been pretty right so far.

To all my fellow artists and online shop entrepreneurs I wish everyone a profitable holiday season and free of scams and thieves and to all our wonderful customers may you cherish that handmade one of a kind gift. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A glass of lemonade.

This past week or so hit me a little harder than usual with some heavy challenges to overcome. I realized that I had been holding inside some issues about my past and was getting myself stuck in a situation that would never allow me to keep moving forward. I guess it was there for some time, you know the elephant in the room thing. But now I am talking to the elephant and working through the fear of change, of the unknown, we all seem to have to deal with these days. I have been so focused on where I want to go I forgot about all the other aspects of living in the present. Yesterday has been finished with and tomorrow may never happen but today can be so spectacular if we just focus on what is around us now. This morning gave me the jolt I needed with a sunrise that was brilliant and colorful and I was the only one viewing it as Tuck and I made our way from our walk back to the house. No one on the road and the lights were just coming on in the neighborhood. I savored the image as long as I could and in a split second realized I had just been touched by something wonderful from the universe, a glass of lemonade.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I joined the fun at Zazzle's

You would think I was busy enough selling cottage furniture on line and in the studio, selling a house and my shop at Etsy. Nope. I have now added some of my images of my artwork to product at Zazzle. Looking for a different holiday card to send or a simple gift check out my shop HERE.

Friday, November 5, 2010

House For Sale

It has been a long muscle aching road but I have come to the end of this journey here in North Carolina and I am eager to start a new one in Vermont. Unfortunately a house now stands in the way between me and a beautiful home sitting on the hill in Brandon, VT. So I have posted photos of this house in FB here, have scheduled an appointment with a Realtor here in town and I am asking everyone out there to help me on my journey. 
It is a great house with oodles of charm, good for entertaining, wonderful neighborhood for a family just starting out. Maybe you are a retired couple who wants to escape the cold and enjoy the fabulous wines found throughout the Yadkin Valley region. Elkin was voted to be the best small town in the region. It offers a full bath on each floor, has 3 bedrooms, a large eat in kitchen, good storage, a large living/great room and dining room. Mature trees and beautiful shrubbery give you all the privacy you need as you enjoy the seasons on the covered porch with fan and skylights or the charming large screened porch. It even has a garage underneath. I have repainted many of the rooms using no VOC paint. There are hard wood floors throughout. Priced very affordable at just above $210,000 making this a great investment.



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