Friday, December 31, 2010

Fairy Houses?

I really can get giddy thinking about what I have just started. So let me tell you this much it was not planned. I was working on some bird houses for my shop basically for the upcoming spring season. Thought they might be a good addition and it helps me stay connected to the outside world - the birdie world that is. I had just received a note from an old friend who worked with me when I was in the flower business. It brought back some great memories and I noticed how much I missed working with natural things. I had to leave the business because I developed a severe case of skin dermatitis that progressively worsened over the years. But I guess you never really walk away from your passions. I realized that although I love to create things in wood and paint I also have a passion to work with natural elements. To smell the moss or to tear apart pine cones or to scavenger around for the perfect tree limb and then to meld these elements together creating something wonderful or in this case dare I say magical. 

I have been working at being more open to my surroundings and my thoughts, what is the world trying to tell me kind of thing. As I work I usually find myself drifting along in thought about this and that and not truly paying attention to any of it. I think we miss a lot of information by shrugging our thoughts off as just daydreaming or your mind wondering. So I have been staying focused and trying to understand what I  or others might be telling me. So as I was putting together the birdhouses, as plain as can be, I started to see these little houses of sticks and moss and bark and pine cones with little stick furniture and fireplaces. Cabins and cottages, rustic and chic, big and small and the images just kept flooding into my conscientiousness. I had to get these ideas down. Sketches were made and that night all I could think of was how to put it all together. I constructed my first house the next morning. Everything has just fallen into place. I call it my Woodland Cottage and it has a twig bed and table and a big twig chair and it is adorned with bark and lichens and mosses which I found outside my house. Fallen branches,bark from trees and mosses were all around. Then I remembered my bag filled with all these wonderful things I have collected all taken from nature. Now I know why, it is all for these wonderful little houses, fairy houses. And it is for the Fairies, my wonderful new little friends, I am switching gears. I am creating a new line of fairy houses and furnishings under a new name. I would like to thank the fairies. I think it was their hand behind this recent inspiration.

Stay tuned for pictures and info about these cottages.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New direction.

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I love doing my keepsake boxes with garden flowers and birds strewn across them but I wanted to also send a message. I started to work on boxes that portray animals that are on the verge of endangerment or they have arrived. Our world is full of wonderful majestic creatures and I hope I will touch a cord in you by painting them. Hopefully you will buy a Keepsake Box or maybe you will donate to a worthy cause to help our friends in need.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Help the Arts

Every time you purchase an item whether it is clothes, toys, home decor, furniture or whatever, you have a choice. You can buy from an individual who has put all their energy into making a well made product or a company that has outsourced most of the components to a country which probably pays workers very little or has no regard to the toxic components used or the environmental issues in producing the product. There are individuals all over the world who are making well made original works for all types of uses. They are artists of many creative means and all offering the best they can produce.
I guess it hit me while shopping and I noticed the mind set of the average shopper. People aimlessly buying things and I mean things with no thought to where it was made or whom it was being given to. I am a person who would spend weeks trying to discover what the perfect gift would be for a person and most of the time I would buy something that was different and handmade. Of course then I started to give things I made because I thought it meant more giving a part of yourself. Aren't we missing the point of the season? What happen to giving just one gift? Why is it so wrong to buy or make something that is handmade or homemade?
The next time you have a birthday or anniversary or holiday gift to buy check out an art fair or go online and find that fabulous handmade gift made with someones loving hands. Think of the person you will touch with that gift. Then the wonderful artist you have helped be able to go on and create again. It is a beautiful circle you become a part of and it is magical.
Come join the fun.....

Monday, December 6, 2010

Being Open

Last night Tucker my big goofy Standard Poodle was having a slight problem - as my dear old Mom would say he had a bit of the trots. The first time he got me out it was cold and I was not thrilled with him or the rude awakening and then there was the second time and I was starting to grumble. Now I know he did not mean to make this night rough on me and I know he wasn't feeling too great either. By the third time of pulling on the boots, sweat pants and jacket something changed. As we headed down the road at 5 am I noticed the sky and how brilliant the stars were and how crisp and clean the air was and I found myself just enjoying the walk. I felt like we were the only ones experiencing how grand the universe is and how insignificant it was for me to be upset with my furry companion.  It did not matter if the world was in chaos or the state of affairs or if business was improving or if I sold a house or.... What mattered in that moment was just being open. I believe the universe gives us these little hiccups in our lives to shake our worlds up. Sometimes I can get so full of myself and my problems I forget. Thanks for the wake up call upstairs friends I am grateful.


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