Thursday, April 28, 2011

Now Shipping Internationally.

After a few rough starts shipping beyond the USA I decided to give it another try. I have a new shipping outlet here in town that can help me with my seemingly many questions. I feel more confident that my pieces will arrive to my customers overseas. I have marked certain items with a flat rate at my Etsy Shop LRStudio but if there is a piece you would like to purchase or buying several please contact me and I will get the shipping charges for you. All international orders are billed through PayPal it is the only merchant service I use. 

I always marvel at the similarities of this grand world we all share and it is important to remember we are all connected. Because of a few people that tried some underhanded business practices I became fearful of this world beyond my own little country. I apologize to everyone for being so small-minded and I am overcoming those fears. I love the idea that one of my pieces could end up in Japan or Brazil or Australia or a remote little island in the ocean.

Feel free to browse through my online shops and remember just contact me and I will ship it anywhere you want.


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