Wednesday, September 5, 2012

House for sale on

Back covered porch in winter
Tucker watching the snow one winter day.
I have listed my home with Click here to view my listing. I am finding there are great similarities between marketing a house online and marketing my business. I have started to carry out many of the same techniques and thought I might share them with you. First I am getting the word out as much as possible and with my clients any question asked is answered as truthfully as I know how. I know the work I do is quality and for the most part you need to experience my finished product to appreciate it and it is the same with seeing a house. Photos can show you some things but to get the feeling of a home you need to walk through the front door and experience it. You might love it or you might not. If you enjoy cottage homes and respect the craftsmanship of yesteryear please find a little space in your hectic schedule and visit this home. It exudes possibilities and character.
I will have a pot of tea or coffee ready.


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