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Christmas in July

With June almost at the end please come for a visit in my Etsy Shop for Christmas in July. I have many things on sale and I have new lower prices. I am adding my Christmas gifts too. If you want to get a jump on this years gift giving or even Halloween come and join me.
Help the economy and buy handmade from a very small business owner. I am sure you can find something at There are so many fabulous artist here to choose from please visit.

A helpful hint for Etsy shop owners.

I love my shop at Etsy called LRStudio which is short for Laurie Rohner Studio. I find the community there is always trying to help each other sell more and be successful. They are a bunch of young people who run things in Brooklyn NY and I thank the Uni-verse for putting together Etsy. 
The other day I received my email from Etsy and among some of the great topics one caught my attention. It pertained to improving your shop and it had a Livestream so I watched. I found a bunch of things to do for my shop which I will share later. This one was at the top of my list. It is so simple but not many shops owners from what I can see have done it. Be sure you add a link on each listing back to the shop section of the listing and a link back to your shop. Just type or copy http://all the info in the browser address and then paste it at the bottom of your listings description editing section and then your shop address Publish your page and you are finished. 
This is an…

In the studio new designs for painted furniture.

I am in the midst of adding a new design to my painted furniture. I am calling it the Wallpaper Effect for now. I am fascinated with big chintz fabric designs with tulips and peonies and also find the new graphics of flower silhouettes of today fresh and inspiring.  But I am not finished. I added some faux finishes to meld it all together. I mixed it all up and created an eclectic cottage look for today's home. I am hoping to have some of the first pieces photographed by next week. 
Think of English Countryside meets Le Cirque....are you intrigued yet?

On sale for Father's Day Crafted Keepsake Box with Hand Painted Lion

For Father's Day why not give the king of the house a Beautifully Hand Painted Lion on a hand crafted hinged wooden box. I craft each one of my keepsake boxes by hand and I hand paint the image of this noble beast and finish my painting with my signature style pen work. I use superior finishes to seal my work, allowing for many years of enjoyment.  My Keepsake Box is high quality and guaranteed to amaze your father this Father's Day. To Buy visit my Etsy Shop at LRStudio the listing is below.

ON SALE Hand Painted Lion Wood Hinged Box To Buy Thinking of Fathers Day? Hand painted and crafted keepsake wood box with original lion portrait painting. Overall 11"l x 9"w x 7"h and inside is 8.25"l x 7"w x 5.25h. and weighs 4.5lbs. It is stained, hinged and hand crafted from pine.

The Lion I feature is a very special animal to me and I wanted to portray him with his mane framing his regal face as the sun starts to set on the Serengeti. He is painted first a…

On Sale at LRStudio Etsy Shop.

I have Into the Woods an original oil painting of one of my favorite little places to sit and ponder while living in Vermont. This 8" x8" original oil painting is on sale now in my Etsy Shop. If you are interested please CLICK HERE to buy. It is a sweet oil painting and it is looking for a new home. Can't you just see it up on your wall?
ON SALE Into the Woods an Original Oil Painting ON SALE
Into the Woods is an original oil painting. It is painted on an 8” stretched gallery wrap canvas with my finest oil paints. Painted in an Impressionist/Realism style, the scene depicts a wooded opening filled with ferns and sweet tall grass and surrounded by lush scented pines and spruces. It was a special place I would walk to in Vermont. The edges are painted a rich chocolate to resemble dark wood. The painting is varnished and there is a backing added to the art work for protection. Ready to hang or perch on a shelf or small easel. The copyright will not appear on the origin…

Prints Available.

I have uncovered a vintage (now) print I had made of a pen and ink drawing titled Majestic Lion. The original was finished in the mid 80's and the print was made about the same time. They are in great condition and I am now offering to my clients and a wonderful price $7 and free shipping here in the USA. You can ask for international shipping charges. I loved to draw back then and still do but there is only so much time.  If you are interested you can buy CLICK HERE at my Etsy Shop LRStudio.
Vintage Lion Print Pen and Ink Drawing on stock paper This is a print of A Lion's Stare and original ink drawing by Laurie Rohner (me).
The original drawing of this Lion was done sometime in the mid 80's and I had a print done of it towards the end of the 80's. I just uncovered these now vintage prints. I thought they had been lost on one of my many moves but here they are and now available for you to buy. The copyright is not visible on print.

The image is just under 14" …