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Are you a serious business person?

At Etsy there is a thread about can I make enough only on Etsy? It caught my eye and I read the post. What stood out were the remarks mostly saying you need to do other things to attract buyers to your shop. This I really agree with and if you are not creating you are marketing.

Underlying the remarks was a sentiment that crafters (I dislike this description) can never make enough to support themselves unless there is a husband supporting the family or you. One, these statements were obviously made by women probably mothers and married. Making this generalized observation about crafts is simplifying the real business of creating handmade quality product and the average crafters is not serious about their work and this is why it is a craft. The creative artist is extremely serious and looks at their work as a business. Their quality highly different work overlooked because Etsy and other sites are being overrun by the I like to craft people. Not everyone at Etsy are in t…

Anyone can be bullied.

How old were you when you experienced bullying? How long ago? Bullying can happen to any person at any age and when it happens to you it can be shattering, physically emotionally and spiritually. Growing up I never experienced bullying, yes the usual make fun of someone. Never with contempt and never with such negative energy yet just a few days ago for the first time I understand what bullying is.
As an artistic personality I was always told not to be too sensitive so artists learn to adapt. It is necessary to be sensitive for your art. To grow as an artist you must overcome criticism so you can learn and grow. Most artists develop a thick skinned sensibility. We balance our lives between the two worlds so I have never understood why someone would feel so abused and beaten to end their precious life. Until now.

My story started a few months back after being contacted by owners of a house I had sold them. They wanted to see if I wanted to buy the house. I loved the old place and said …