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Painted Furniture Smiles With Nature.

I am working on new whimsical functional art and new canvas art in my studio at Laurie Rohner Studio. I love the saying Nature smiles with flowers by Muir. I think we all could do with a few more smiles. This is my way of giving back to the Universe. My hope is you can see my work and it will put a smile on your lovely wonderful face too. I do not care if you want to buy my work or just want to take a peak and be inspired for the day ahead. I want to say its OK because the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing and the Universe loves you. Do enjoy and stop by my studio anytime to be uplifted and inspired.
Botanical Painted Nature Box Custom Made Cottage Furniture Storage Garden Flowers Herbs Bird  Large Painted Nature Box
Botanical painted nature box with garden flowers, herbs, and a bird sitting on top of a thistle is custom made cottage furniture for storage by Laurie Rohner. The top is colorful assortment of wildflowers and garden flowers, coneflowers, larkspur, flax, thi…