Friday, July 30, 2010

Stealing Is Not Nice.

I came across a blog post today and saw my Painted Sap Bucket shown in a part of this blog along with some words I had said. The funny thing is I never said those words to the author of this blog or authorized the use of my photo. Yes I did get some free publicity, maybe, but at what price? If you allow one to steal then where will it stop. This blog mentioned I had nothing else like this to offer which since I am a decorative artist and paint on many different surfaces it is a fraudulent statement. The link to my sap bucket did not work. I have requested that she remove my sap bucket from her blog but let's face it the damage is done.

To all you blog authors who feel you have the right to steal an artists work image of work or idea itself stop the urge. Go through the channels of requesting consent BEFORE you post your blog. I did not mention the authors blog or name because I did not want to give her the attention. It is her actions that have me understandably annoyed.

At Etsy people will often add your items to treasuries or their favorites list which makes the experience at Etsy all the more engaging and gives the artist a sense of community. I myself have passed on an artist blog post to people who may be interested in the artist's work. There is a fine line between stealing and just spreading the work of an artists and it is getting blurred more and more.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Could the economy be turning?

The past week has been very hectic and I am thrilled to say profitable. I am not sure why the change but here are some ideas I have to share:

1. the economy is improving
2.all my marketing and joining groups is showing in sales.
3.hard work does pay off.

Maybe it is a combination of all three and I am very grateful. I have been implementing some of the advise I have received on the Etsy sellers blog and have tried to be consistent with my marketing. I have really pushed in branding my style and I never gave up pushing myself forward.
I certainly am not writing this to brag by any means because during these times one successful week or so could end just as quickly. I wanted to share to cheer all of us on and not to give up.
As it has been written so many times on so many other blogs most successes never happen because you give up too soon. Everything can change for you in just a moment. Keep creating, pushing yourself a little further because don't you owe it to yourself to be the person you want to be.

Friday, July 23, 2010

An Update on Tucker's Lesson.

When I last wrote about Tucker's little lesson I never thought I would find out so much about thyroids and especially mine. I am not sure why I always feel that the care for another little soul is more valuable than my own but slowly I am changing. It was very simple for me to go the course of holistic natural treatment for Tuck but when I had mine tested I just did what the doctor said and went with taking his prescribed synthetic hormone your thyroid needs to work properly. I have to be honest I did not take the little pill regularly. Did you know women are the primary group with low working thyroids due to the influx of hormones during that time in a woman's life, and we know what that is don't we? A hypothyroid has symptoms that mimic many other conditions so please check out the symptoms online and if you think you have a problem get your blood tested.

I have started Tuck on a vitamin mineral herbal thyroid pill with a mineral that is the natural version of the synthetic hormone that he could use. The same I had briefly taken. Within a couple of days I have seen an improvement in his mannerisms and health. His ears which had given him problems has cleared completely and his coat has started to feel different (an oily feel and slight smell to the coat). Even in this horrible heat he is jumping around as he had not too long ago. Another symptom of hypothyroidism is sore joints which in my case was diagnosed as early arthritis. Since I have started using natural herbal supplements and dietary changes my joints have stopped aching and I don't have the swishing sound in my shoulders. Tuck hasn't told me if that is the case so I can only guess.

I am a lover of observing the world around me but why is it when life keeps sending you signals we seem to miss the message? I think the universe was gently nudging me and finally had to smack me over the head to wake up. So I am asking all of you out there to now wake up and pay attention because I can bet there are signs you are missing that will help you on this journey we are all taking. I know I am paying closer attention.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What my dog taught me this week.

It started with the regular check up with a new vet I had discovered here. Tucker has always had a mild reaction to the vaccines or monthly meds. So I went with questions about certain booster shots. This wonderful new vet went through his motions and gave Tuck a thorough exam and then turned to say I know you are here for the boosters but I think they are not wise choices. He had backed what I suspected and then said but a blood test would be good to do. I agreed and the next day he called with the results Tucker was in good health but his thyroid was slightly low in the normal range. Strangely enough my thyroid had shown the same results several years back. In the past year I have been very busy working and I have not been taking the best care of me.

I do not take medication and only when all else has been tried. I am a strong believer of alternative medicine and energy healing. I started to research what some of the more holistic ways there were to treat thyroid in dogs and discovered that we could treat each other in the same manner. It may be more work and a few more herbs of this and that but taking a synthetic hormone wasn't the answer for me and it certainly isn't for Tuck. Interesting enough my wonderful vet concurred. Tuck has once again taught me to take care of me and there are always alternatives to every challenge in life. The simple fix, the immediate cure are symptoms of our society. For now Tuck and I are sitting back and taking life in and healing each other.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gearing up for the Holidays.

In between all the summertime activities and the hot and humid weather who thinks of the Holidays. I am for one. While operating a floral shop this was the perfect time to start collecting the pine cones and ribbons and creating wonderful creations for the shop. This still is very much the truth today. I was side tracked last year and it cost me. I allowed the news of doom and gloom to effect the way I thought about my business. I promised myself I wouldn't allow this to happen again so out comes all the things I have been thinking of since last year and I am devoting half my time to the holidays and half my time to the present. Gradually I am adding to my Etsy shop so that early buyers can get a jump on their purchases. I hope you will use this time to do the same.

There are so many wonderful handcrafted handmade gifts to find and I urge everyone to support the artisan, the creative spirits, the very hard working entrepreneurs you find throughout Etsy and beyond. Check out the local Crafters Guild or the Art Gallery in your area and buy handmade. I know I would be grateful.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Nursery Artwork

Teddy Bear with Smile
10" square

I have expanded my etsy shop and I am adding decorative canvas panels for a baby's nursery. These are affordable little stretched canvases that are painted on all sides so you don't have to worry about framing. All you have to do is put a nail in the wall to start your wee one on the road of collecting art.

Bunny with Carrot
8" square

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little shop cleaning on Etsy.

I decided to try something a little different and photographed these small panels on an easel set up as you would see them in an actual shop. I want to give the viewer a sense of being in a shop. You can still see up close versions of the panels but sometimes this distorts the paintings and leaves a potential customer very detached. Etsy has a very different theory in photographing items and I am trying to implement what they find works the best which is giving the photo a story and making it a little more believable. This is not how painters are taught to show their work but I think after getting these shots together they just might have something good to share. I may be 50 something but I am never to young to try a better way of displaying artwork and furniture. That's what makes selling fun. Exploring and discovering new ways to promote and market what you love to do.

Take another look at what you are selling and is your story being told in the photos? If not try some summertime cleaning and dust off old viewpoints, you just never know where it may lead you.


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