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Wish you were a wizard? Ask for some fairy help.

A wizard fairy works his mystical magic with this enchanting faerie house setting. Great for ladies and gents of all ages after all the fairy wizard does not mind. Every piece is handmade and hand embellished. This fairy house is certainly a magical one of a kind statement. Want to see more fairy houses? Check out Between The Weeds shop to see more whimsical fantasy homes and furnishings.
Mystical Wizards Faeries Fairy House A woodland fairy house for a mystical fairy in a room setting with fairy furniture displays a custom handmade cabinet filled with natural elements and even a unicorn horn. The room is set on a rattan plate holder (recycled) covered with mosses pebbles and shells. There is a box of goodies with a purple fairy ribbon tied in a bow and perched on the side of the cabinet and a split log for a table with stumps to sit on.
Can you see the fairies? They are busy making their healing natural potions for all that ails you.
The pieces are glued in place but you…

Tea time, now relax.

It is afternoon and you have some time to relax. A pot of tea and a few biscuits, scones, cookies or a piece of dark sinful chocolate. Now that is an image I like and how about you? Oh you don’t have a tea pot or a creamer and sugar set, no need to fret I have the perfect painted ivy tea pot and set just waiting for you in the shop at BetweenTheWeeds. Maybe you know someone who loves tea and needs some love. Please take a peek.
Painted Ivy on Ceramic Tea Pot Set Ivy painted with special china paint drapes down the sides of the creamer and sugar set. Buy this set with the the painted matching teapot shown in photos for a holiday tea lovers gift. Excellent condition.
Manufacturer of paint states it is dishwasher safe
I would hand wash since dishwasher are changing all the time.
To buy the tea pot visit
Creamer 4.75 tip to tip, 4″h x 3.25dia.
Sugar: 5″h x 4″ dia.
All work shown in my…