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New Woodland Fairy House at LRStudio.

Custom Unique Quality Imaginative a Delight describe my whimsical Fairy Houses and I have been busy with making fairy house rooms and fairy houses. This is the first room and is posted ready to buy at and many more to come. There is something about these rooms that spark the inner child to come out and play. They make great gifts for the little fairies in your family too.
I constructed this fairy house room on a rattan paper plate holder which I discovered in the cabinet. I knew I could find a way to use them for my fairy friends. I had made the cabinet and couldn’t find the right setting for it. I also knew that the fairies would bring the idea or inspiration together for me when the time was right. As always they never disappoint. The shells cut out leaves and pebbles I found in the corner of a little shop and I knew I had to have them. I brought them home and the next day everything fell into place. I really think this fairy room is very special and any age w…

Use a Creation Keepsake Box to attract what you want in your life.

Another beautiful Creation Keepsake Box painted with a cute little wren chirping away on its branch. An adorable birdhouse sits in the tree ready to help create more lovely birds of nature. I think using nature as a theme for my creation boxes is a great way to boost the energy to assist your passions into becoming reality. It is up to you to create what it is you are passionate about. Grab onto that feeling, feel it in your body, and bring it forward. Dump all those wrongly learned beliefs about yourself not being worthy or unlovable and cast those feelings into a big bonfire and let them turn to ashes. Wrap them up and happily give them back to the universe, they do not belong to you any longer. Now create your dreams through your passions.
Keepsake Creation Box Painted Birdhouse and Wren Create what you want in your life with a Creation Box. On the rim the box has "Whatever is contained in this box...IS. Hand painted birdhouse and wren amongst the tree limbs await. Instruction…