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What is your hard work worth?

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Recently I was cleaning out some old paperwork and discovered an old ledger from my shop in Vermont. I sifted through the pages my mind reminiscing about Whitefield Studio and the painted furniture I had in the shop. How different it was then. The internet had popped its bubble and no one had online shops anymore. What had struck me was how much had been sold. The years seem to muffle the mind and we have a tendency to forget good and bad events. As the pages flipped by in my fingers I noticed how much had been charged for all these sold pieces. I am amazed to discover that more than 12 years ago I sold painted furniture for more money than I do now. Mainly my boxes and trunks sold for $150 to $350 and since they are not around now I somehow forgot this very important fact. So, why did I feel my work was worth less now? Why did I now doubt my abilities? And what do I want to do with this new information?

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