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New Line of Functional Art is Here

I am very excited to finally be able to talk about my new line of functional art. At the present time I have my Inspiration Box and Landscape Mirror ready and I am working on more designs such as Landscape/Garden Trays and Scenic Trunks. Below is a photo of my first two pieces completed in my wood shop on my treasured Delta saw. I have sanded them to a smooth finish and they are now ready for priming. They are primed and sanded twice giving me a nice surface to paint on.


The little wren on the Inspiration Box adds a little whimsy. I sculpt it using Paper craft, a product I find is easy to work with because the forms can be air dried and painted with any type of paints. The mirror has mitered corners and is reinforced and the mirror is secured in place with cardboard and a plywood backing plate. To finish my pieces I apply lacquer or varnish and let it dry then I sand and reapply the varnish/lacquer sand and apply a coat of wax for a smooth h…