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Oops I changed the name again.

I am stream lining my branding name so I have changed my blog heading to follow with my business name Laurie Rohner Studio. Since I have taken a new direction with my business it is important to keep everything as coherent as possible. This gives your customers and yourself an easier way of connecting with you and your work. I find it has become imperative to the growth of my business and my own creativity to draw on a multitude of talents. This will not only improve the quality of the work but I will grow as an individual. There are many fine artists in this world all waiting to be the next discovery which when you are married or wealthy or retired or working full time at a job and your art is secondary I guess you can wait. But I am none of those and I am terrible at waiting so I am doing what I do best. I enjoy taking wood and sawing it down to create a functional useful work of art. My style has been cultivated and honed and when I work in my wood shop and smell the wood it is com…