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What is new at Laurie Rohner Studio

Today I have spent much of the day researching an assortment of marketing options and have found some very creative ideas to promote your art business. Etsy has a number of handmade links where you can feature your shop such as Handmade Sparks ( I also discovered that maybe a web site isn't the absolute answer and that utilizing a blog, such TypePad or WordPress to name a few might actually work better for people who have an online shop such as Etsy. These are questions I am in the process of figuring out and will get back to later.

What is new is we at or Laurie Rohner Studio are now offering $1 shipping on almost everything in the shop to our neighbors in the States only. The exception to this are the original fine art paintings and the vintage glassware. I hope you will take advantage of this change.

Also on this blog you may have noticed the sidebar has changed and we are adding some new features that link you eas…

Buy it at Etsy

After much consideration and the advise from a few knowledgeable people I have decided to streamline how you purchase my things. It was getting to the point that every time I made a change in shipping (certain items now ship for $1) I would go through hours of updating my main site and then matching the information to the other venues. Too much wasted time on trivial mind numbing computer work which meant less time being creative. I chose to emphasize my Etsy Shop which is at to be the best way to purchase my Painted Cottage Art and whatever else I have created along the way.

Why I went with my Etsy shop simply came down to common sense. It is where I have the most traffic. Traffic is important but combine it with the very helpful and friendly community at Etsy is a winning combo. I have had my things featured in Treasury showcases which are put together by other sellers on Etsy. On my Facebook wall there is a tab that connects you directly to my Shop and it …