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New Cottage to buy at Between The Weeds

Woodland fairies new cottage from Between The Weeds.
Custom fairy bed with shams and coverlet. This is the second cottage fairy house Briar and I completed this week for our shop. Every fairy house I create once the carcass framing is finished starts to form its own personality. There are times when I do not think I am the one actually sculpting these unique and one of a kind woodland fairy homes. I spend hours gluing and find the right piece to fit into a nook on the wall or what branch goes where after foraging the roadsides and woods. Yes they may not last for years outside in the cottage garden, but what a statement inside a whimsical enchanted room.
Woodland Fairy House Wedding Cottage Imagine two fairies in love and moving into their first little cottage together in the woodland forest. Constructed from twigs moss and branches and things found in the woods and nature, my cottage is enchanting, full of imagination and loaded with mystical tree magic. The back is mad…

Great gift idea for woodland fairy weddings by Between The Weeds.

Briar, head fairy at Between The Weeds,  is busy at her drafting table with plans for some of her newlywed friends. It is a lot of fun having someone so energetic assisting me in the fairy shop these days. This is one of the newly constructed woodland fairy house wedding cottages in my fairy shop at BetweenTheWeeds. What I like the most about this woodland cottage is the detailed work on the sides and the custom fabric bed. I have added a few more photos here of this sturdy mystical tree magic fairy house. Woodland Honeymoon Fairy House Cottage Fairies have honeymoons too. A woodland cottage fairy house constructed by hand out of branches twigs and wood form this enchanting honeymoon cottage. Inside is a painted custom bed for two with canvas linens and a teal ribbon throw across the bottom. Next to the bed is a table from a branch. On the other side of the room is a chair and table with a clay pot hanging from the rafters for light. There is a chair at the foot of the bed and…