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An Update on Tucker's Lesson.

When I last wrote about Tucker's little lesson I never thought I would find out so much about thyroids and especially mine. I am not sure why I always feel that the care for another little soul is more valuable than my own but slowly I am changing. It was very simple for me to go the course of holistic natural treatment for Tuck but when I had mine tested I just did what the doctor said and went with taking his prescribed synthetic hormone your thyroid needs to work properly. I have to be honest I did not take the little pill regularly. Did you know women are the primary group with low working thyroids due to the influx of hormones during that time in a woman's life, and we know what that is don't we? A hypothyroid has symptoms that mimic many other conditions so please check out the symptoms online and if you think you have a problem get your blood tested.

I have started Tuck on a vitamin mineral herbal thyroid pill with a mineral that is the natural version of the synt…