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Fairy Wish Magical Pillows by Between The Weeds.

Briar has been busy helping me creating these sweet little fairy wish pillows for sale now in my shop, Between The Weeds. She has added some fairy magic and given each pillow a blessing of love and joy with the added kick of abundance. Just remember you have to believe in fairies to have their magic happen.

Buy these fairy wish pillows now at Between The Weeds.

Fairy Wish Hand Painted Cottage Heart Pillow

Between The Weeds Fairy Wish Hand-Painted Heart Pillow is enchanted with fairy magic and a simple inspiring word 'grow'. The pillows are hand sewn and slightly stuffed, made of cotton canvas painted with acrylic paints and ink and heat sealed. Attached is a natural wool heavy yarn. This pillow the fairies picked spring fresh colors of pinks blues lavenders and sage green ( that matches the wool). On the back of this pillow is a field thistle.

Size of pillow: 9"l x 5.5"w x 1.5"d.

Though the fairies inspired the making of these new pillows the style is in…