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My style is discovered Upscale Cottage Contemporary.

Sometimes an answer is right in front of your nose and this past week has proven to me again how that statement is true.  As an artist I am always trying to expand my work. It was drilled into me from the moment I sat down in a studio with an instructor watching and critiquing my work. By the end of the year you are supposed to have created a body of work that is new fresh and speaks to the world with your distinctive style. I had forgotten what was taught to me years ago and instead have chased trends. Maybe it was boredom but I know that would be a lie. I had fallen from creating from the heart center, my purpose or gift, to creating from the ego. The ego wants recognition, wants ‘likes’ and is driven by sales (which is a good thing) and always needs more.
The answer came to me after receiving photos I had ordered of some of my work. I wanted to use them on cards and send them to clients and friends.  I had put them away to work on at a later date. After rediscovering…