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New Woodland Fairy Settings for Fairy Houses

Imagination and the energy behind the thought is a marvel. To think this simple Woodland Fairy Setting started from a branch I found on the road. I dragged it home and I am sure my neighbors think I am quite mad. That is perfectly fine by me because my imagination has taken hold and I know something wonderful and magical is going to come forth. I wait for the wood to dry and then take care to cut off only what I need for the project or new creation to be born. I sliver and cut and shape the wood. As I work I see images and stories as I lose myself in my work. I feel my work is more meditative than physical. I feel charged with energy and that creative energy flows into my work. The fairies help by charging each piece with the positive energies of their natural world.

This is a Woodland Fairy Setting now available in LRStudio: Between the Weeds Shop at and is a nice companion piece to my Fairy Houses.

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