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Is it a scam or a sale?

Wooden Sconces with Wildflowers
Recently I have had inquiries regarding items in my Etsy Shop. I am more than happy to answer your questions and requests. Unfortunately doing business online can leave any artist in jeopardy of scams resulting in the loss of product and cash. Many times you are a qualified customer and  everything works out great. Then comes that one individual that simply steals from you and that trusting artist learns that not everyone is honest. This is a business and artists are learning first hand how to be very astute business people. Maybe you truly are a legitimate customer and want the item but the artist opts  not to finalize the business transaction because they think the transaction may be another scam. For instance, I receive an email or on Etsy a convo and the language is broken or written very poorly, my gut will start to send me red flags of caution, but I usually will press on. Or I receive a request that they want me to set up an account for them with …