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I guess you could call me a change addict.

Already a month into the new year and things are being created to meet my new vision I have for my studio. I am so excited with this new direction. I guess you could call me a change addict. Creation is always changing. Our lives whether we like it or not always in flux and ever changing. Some things I could do without but mostly loving every fabulous moment. My dear mother would love to go outside on a very brisk cold day and say it makes me feel alive, that is how I feel with every nudge life creates for me. Change makes me feel alive.

I have changed things on this blog. I am focusing on my illustrations. I am journeying down new roads and it was due to one simple phone call. Someone asking me about trees and illustrating her story. Wow never thought about illustrating but when I took a look closer I think I always have. I illustrate nature. On boxes, furniture, pillows, pendants and art all with that wonderful illustrator's eye. It took her asking to open my eyes and mind to som…