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The Woodland Cottage - My First Fairy House.

Can you not see a forest sprite kicking back on the porch after a day of mischief and magic. Or snuggling down in her comfy little bed. This house is equipped with all the comforts a Fay my want including a gazing ball, table, bedside lamp and wall rock art. The house is made of natures materials but this is really for the indoor fairies.

A close up view of the inside of the Woodland House with the bed in the back right and light along side and the table and bench to the left. In the front is a big comfy chair and the gazing ball on the porch.

  The other photo is a close up of the table and bench and the stone botanical wall art.

The side of the cottage and the close up of the butterfly on the roof. Also a close view of the many layers of bark mosses and other goodies all glued individually to give this cottage a Woodland feel.

I am still working on the pricing. These are more than little houses they are miniature works of sculptured art. I would love any feedback....