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What my dog taught me this week.

It started with the regular check up with a new vet I had discovered here. Tucker has always had a mild reaction to the vaccines or monthly meds. So I went with questions about certain booster shots. This wonderful new vet went through his motions and gave Tuck a thorough exam and then turned to say I know you are here for the boosters but I think they are not wise choices. He had backed what I suspected and then said but a blood test would be good to do. I agreed and the next day he called with the results Tucker was in good health but his thyroid was slightly low in the normal range. Strangely enough my thyroid had shown the same results several years back. In the past year I have been very busy working and I have not been taking the best care of me.

I do not take medication and only when all else has been tried. I am a strong believer of alternative medicine and energy healing. I started to research what some of the more holistic ways there were to treat thyroid in dogs and discove…

Gearing up for the Holidays.

In between all the summertime activities and the hot and humid weather who thinks of the Holidays. I am for one. While operating a floral shop this was the perfect time to start collecting the pine cones and ribbons and creating wonderful creations for the shop. This still is very much the truth today. I was side tracked last year and it cost me. I allowed the news of doom and gloom to effect the way I thought about my business. I promised myself I wouldn't allow this to happen again so out comes all the things I have been thinking of since last year and I am devoting half my time to the holidays and half my time to the present. Gradually I am adding to my Etsy shop so that early buyers can get a jump on their purchases. I hope you will use this time to do the same.

There are so many wonderful handcrafted handmade gifts to find and I urge everyone to support the artisan, the creative spirits, the very hard working entrepreneurs you find throughout Etsy and beyond. Check out the loc…