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Helping Fairies with Housing

With the weather changing my fairy friends are going to need some new housing so I am busy constructing some very sturdy log houses for the woodland fairies. Though you may not see them don't you think they could use a warm house on those dreary cold winter days. Maybe you could leave one by the hearth? I know the fairies will reward you with tiny and grand treasures.

Then in the spring help move your new fairy friend's home to a protected place outside. Interested in helping house a fairy visit my Etsy shop at LRStudio

Fairy House Woodland Ferns Custom Fairy Twig Furniture LRStudio Etsy Shop A fairy bed sits in this woodland fern fairy house with window for gazing at the stars and a bunny to keep a fairy company. Made from branches wood and cedar is covered with moss acorns and faux ferns. Custom built with the fairies help.

Very sturdy and weighs about 4lbs.
Measures: 12"h x 12"w x 8"d

If you are ordering outside the USA:
I ship everywhere please before y…