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Are your paintings insured?

Recently I had a heated discussion regarding who is responsible for protecting and insuring your work when it is accepted for an exhibition? Let's say a highly regarded group puts on an exhibition and contracts a gallery. The group states on the application upfront about their legal responsibility for artwork accepted for their sponsored show. So far this is a normal practice and no one had an objection. You receive notification your work has been accepted along with delivery instructions, dates for your work to arrive, agreements to sign and additional costs the gallery charges to receive your work (this is a real pet peeve of mine for a later post) and a few more instructions. You are thrilled your work has been accepted and can't wait to get it ready to send. But stop you may not be prepared for what could be a huge reality check on how the art world practices business.
This is where our debate went to a higher level. Once your painting is in possession of the gallery do no…