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Hand Sculpted Garden Cottage Woodland Fairy House with Hand Crafted Fairy Furniture

Woodland Moss Fairy House Garden moss fairy house is custom made woodland cottage enchanted with moss twigs and branches. Hand sculpted woodland fairy house for a garden or cottage. My woodland garden fairy house comes furnished with custom fairy sized woodland furniture.

Moss, bark and branches make up the structure but you also get a kitchen with a hand sawed wood counter and to the side another counter with stools tucked under.There is a wall dividing the dining area and the kitchen. In the dining area is a flower shaped wood handcrafted table and 4 stools for everyone to gather around. But wait there is also a loft with a handmade fairy moss bed, a side table, another side table and a chair. A woven rug is up in the loft and in the kitchen. There is an eyebrow window upstairs. You even have a wonderful nature art piece over the counter too. This cottage fairy house is ready for your touches to make it very special and personal. Delight for all ages.

Note: All my houses are blessed …