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Customer service is very important.

Today started very early because I had spent the previous day working with a very nice gentleman in NY. He was a set designer and was working on the new Smurf Movie. He had found some of our things at our Etsy shop and wanted to know if I could get them shipped - well yesterday. We went back and forth pretty much the whole day and by 8pm I sent my last email with my latest information. At this point I had still not received an order. I signed off my computer. It was St. Patty's Day and my Irish dinner was calling. Now you can see why my day started very early. I was anxious to see what had transpired during the night if anything. As I opened my emails I was thrilled to see the order had come through and a request to ship a certain way. Pick ups were issued, additional billing taken care of, confirmations handled, emails to notify customer, signing releases and of course making sure the package was packed and labeled properly. I am a firm believer that the customer should always g…