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Stop Promoting Etsy,Start Promoting Your Shop.

Today I decided to do a little search to see if all the hard work I have just finished is paying off. What I discovered was my etsy shop is off the grid in search-ville. I do not know why and really this is not the first time I have seen this happen with my etsy shop. So again I ponder why?

It is why I feel I have to share this. I, and maybe there are many feeling the same, find etsy has lost the creative flair of handmade original work. It panders to making money for the people working there and the people remotely connected to etsy, through vicinity or age.Hey that is OK but when it comes to doing what they should to make sure the shops that are syndicated are being submitted correctly. It is why I keep the shop open at etsy. I promote and I have made them a nice bit of change. So why did etsy feel it necessary to roll out a new platform at the busiest time for shop owners? Why is it a coincidence that etsy changes things up and the searches show no etsy shops in web searches or sho…