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Being Open

Last night Tucker my big goofy Standard Poodle was having a slight problem - as my dear old Mom would say he had a bit of the trots. The first time he got me out it was cold and I was not thrilled with him or the rude awakening and then there was the second time and I was starting to grumble. Now I know he did not mean to make this night rough on me and I know he wasn't feeling too great either. By the third time of pulling on the boots, sweat pants and jacket something changed. As we headed down the road at 5 am I noticed the sky and how brilliant the stars were and how crisp and clean the air was and I found myself just enjoying the walk. I felt like we were the only ones experiencing how grand the universe is and how insignificant it was for me to be upset with my furry companion.  It did not matter if the world was in chaos or the state of affairs or if business was improving or if I sold a house or.... What mattered in that moment was just being open. I believe the universe g…