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Saying Good-Bye to a Decade.

I know many of us in this world of ours will agree that 2009 has been challenging. I debated even posting this and thought if I learned anything this decade it is if you are to grow you need to open yourself, the good and the bad so you can move on to the next lesson or experience. So let me share with you the challenges I have experienced these past 10 years.

The millennium started with the passing of my father and although I miss him I realize his passing freed me to make the move to Vermont. In Vermont I became so connected to nature and formed a bond with the natural world which has only strengthened over the decade. It also brought me back to painting. If not for my father's illness I never would have developed the friendship I had with my mother. I discovered she was a kindred spirit and helped me to see challenges as nothing more than speed bumps on my life's pathway, you slow down but never stop where it is you need to go. And then 2001, we all know what happened.
By 200…