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Wedding Gift Idea from BetweenTheWeeds

Are you looking for that just right wedding gift? Have you seen my beautifully crafted hand painted large Keepsake Boxes? I will customize the flowers to fit whatever season the wedding is being held in and at no extra charge.

Maybe it is a woodland themed wedding, I can paint birds, nests, vines of berries, ferns and ivy with flowers found in the woodlands or it is a beautiful English garden themed with peonies roses larkspur ivy and ranunculas. Can you just imagine how thrilling it would be to see the bride unwrap such a beautiful thoughtful gift? These boxes are wonderful to stash the memento, the whispers from a magical day.

This is just one of many I have available in my online shop at Between The Weeds. Interested in something custom just ask me. I create Keepsake Boxes so you can store your memories of special days.

Garden Themed Keepsake Painted Box by BetweenTheWeeds at Etsy

Handcrafted painted keepsake box to add to your Contemporary Farmhouse Furniture Collection beautifull…