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Inspiration Can Make For A Strange Bedfellow.

'Fall Dream' - oil on canvas, 24" x 24".
This painting was conceived from a dream I had one night. It was a dream that was so vivid and comforting that when I first woke I tried to go back to sleep just to return to the swirl of color that in my dream seemed to encumbrance me. This vision stayed with me all day and is still as fresh as it was a few weeks back. I am not one who remembers her dreams and only once before did I have such a vivid dream unfortunately it was just prior to my Mom passing. I hope this isn't an omen. By the days end I sat down and sketched out my dream so I could finally put it on canvas. The intensity of color combined with the coolness of the forest and the blue of the sky above as if you were in the midst of energy with no real detail probably resonated the most in my vision and in the painting above. When things stand out in my life I have learned to pay very close attention. My paintings and my business are heading in a different dire…