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Paintings or Prints Part 2

Yesterday I told you about offering original art instead of printed. I also offer professional prints in my Etsyshop of certain paintings but the printsare of paintings which I sell for hundreds and some thousands of dollars. Not everyone wants or canafford this work and I feel offering prints is more than acceptable. What I am referringto is illustrated art or art that artists create quickly and with ease. I know for my large detailed watercolors it takes me sometimes up to 3 weeks to complete because of the process I use. A watercolor an artistcan simplyand use just color splashes and with little detail added creating something special. It exudes emotion and is a wonderful purchasefor the person it touches on an emotional level. Is that not why we buy art to begin with? I am not one who thought art should be bought to add affluence to someones life. Let's face it fellow artist, most art collectors can not tell an original from a fraud. Having said that I am determinedto produce …

Original Watercolor Paintings, Not a Print.

Lately I have noticed many people offering prints in their Etsy Shops. Prints of what I would say are simple renderings of paintings either sold long ago or they were painted with the expressed purpose of creating prints. The artists have invested in high quality printers and are printing their rendering, signing them and reaping huge profits. Honestly I really do not mind and they are selling their work as prints. But what about the artists that offer original work? Is this affecting the price of orginal art work? Probably. So instead I decided to offer my etsy customers an alternative. Simple original watercolors at reasonable prices. They are unframed, painted on high quality 200lb. watercolor rag paper and I use the finest watercolors. They are not magnificent works of art but they are small studies (renderings)of flowers, autumn landscapes, feathers and birds. Each painting is no bigger than 9" x 12" and can be framed in a standard 8x10 frame. These paintings range …