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Business Using Grounding Techniques.

I found it enlightening, the parallels between business and spirituality grounding techniques, as a way giving your communication skills a heightened edge. Meditation grounding and spirituality has made its way into so many areas. Not so New Age any more but becoming main stream thought.

How to Start Conversations That Make Instant ConnectionsAn article written BY |July 18, 2012|  For entrepreneurs, knowing how to communicate clearly and effectively is critical in leading a company -- and selling your business ideas. But the words you speak and hear are only a small part of getting your message across to your employees, customers and investors. It is the way you speak and listen that makes all the difference in the world.

Consider these 12 steps for starting conversations that click and, ultimately, lead to more productive relationships:

Step 1: Relax. Stress generates irritability, which leads to anger, and anger shuts down communication. Studi…

Painted Cottage Furniture found on Etsy.

Painted Furniture for the cottage shabby and farmhouse chic lovers, just added by LRStudio for Between The Weeds at Etsy.