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Have you tried to barter?

Bartering has been around for eons but how many people today actually think about implementing bartering
I recently sold a print to a person in Vermont. She wanted it framed. I had just used up my last drop of Vermont maple syrup. If you have never had the real stuff from Vermont oh please try it. Any way I thought why not barter for some maple syrup. She was thrilled to do so and the deal was struck. She wanted a frame added to the print and felt I would be better equipped to know which frame would be best. So I took the print, matted it and added a beautiful black wooden frame wrapped it up and sent it on its way. Little did I know that my syrup was going to be delivered 1 hour later via FedEx. I could not be more delighted. You would think I just won the lottery. No money has changed hands yet the feeling I know she will get when she opens her package will be just as grand as it was for me today.
Being paid for your wares can come in so many different forms of payment. Staying …