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Two New Paintings

Reflections 5" x 7" Oil on Panel

Painted in an Impressionist style I painted the water in a slightly lighter hue than the trees in the mid ground area, allowing your eye to move back to the waters rim which I highlighted using the palest of yellow and cream. The color is more intense with shadows of deep blues and greens which pushes the eye up and to the faint background of the mountain range. It may be small in size but this little gem has a lot of punch. The overall emotion of the cool shades of blues and greens give this piece a sense of serenity. Just sit on a rock in the heat of the summer and enjoy the cool water.
Pink Hollyhocks 7" x 5" oil on panel
Hollyhocks have always fascinated me because the colors with these flowers are so varied. These beautiful spires of intense pink explode against the green foliage. Painted much like the style of Impressionist's I placed the pink flowers in a way to draw your eye up from the lower corner and up through to the le…