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Opening Shop!

In the past couple of days I have gone from having a vision to making it happen in a matter of 24 hours. I thought the only way to make things improve was to do what I have always done. For me it was the grass is greener someplace else syndrome. These times, a statement I am beginning to dislike, have to make creative artists think outside the box. Once I really looked at my situation and started to see it from a completely different perspective the answers started to unfold. After making a few phone calls, one being the Chamber of Commerce, I found that though in the past the city or town frowned on artists opening up their studios to the public they now realize the great benefit to the community, to tourism and to the region of wine growers. Lets face it if you see 2-3 people a week you are not making any negative impact at all to your neighborhood. Think of a house with teens and there are people always going in and out. Plus the clientele artists attract usually are nice upstandin…

Joined Zibbet

Yesterday I shared some pointers I had discovered in expanding your creative business. Join and add 10 items to sell in an online shop so I did just that and joined Zibbet. Time will show me which shops preform the best and I will certainly share with all of you me results.

What I found with Zibbet was it was easy to set up your shop and profiles and adding your products, though time consuming, was relatively painless. I find once you set up one shop which in my case I started on Etsy it is a matter of copying what you have, tweaking here and there, and bang product added. I opted for the free shop but you can upgrade to a shop with a monthly fee when you want or feel it will benefit you.

I am not trying to sell Zibbet but want to share what I discover may work for my fellow creatives. If you have the time visit my Zibbet shop @ The Painted Cottage Click Here.

Improving your creative business.

I found an ebook that wrote about navigating and selling online your arts and crafts. I do wish there was a better way to catagorize what we artist do but that is an ego thing. One thing this ebook was very clear on, you need to think like the owner of a huge company and be diligent in marketing creating and promoting your art. Here are a few good points I thought I could pass on to my fellow entrepreneurs. 
Every day check out other blogs that relate to your type of work and make a comment on 10.List 10 new items to one of your online shops.Look at your photos and see if you can make improvemnts.write in your blog one post for each on the new item added.this is my own addition, make a comment on a blog that targets the type of person you think will be interested in your on a schedule and stick with it. These are just a few points to get you started improving your business and it is not easy but you and me chose this and it takes hard work. Do not sit back and wait for life to…