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When the alarms go off in your head, listen.

Yesterday I received an email from a potential customer on Etsy, but as I read the request to buy my box my stomach started to churn. No it wasn't the coffee or the bagel I had eaten. First there was a request to verify if I was trustworthy, then I needed to supply complete name personal info (which all pertinent info can be found on my site and shop), and my final price for the box which I was running on a special. This customer was not finished though. I now had to send all my info to another email. I also was to use their shipper? with the additional money they would send (certified transfer) but I would have to set it all up. I guess they would determine the cost of shipping? Mind you this is for a sale for under $100 on Etsy with $1 shipping to anyone in the US. Again the stomach churned but I thought it is a sale and this is all part of working online. Wrong.

When you take the emotional aspect away and look at the facts you can see there were many problems with this order…