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Make a Donation.

Some might find it strange to make a donation of one of your paintings during times where paintings aren't selling but I think it makes perfect sense. An old friend approached me asking if I would consider donating to an auction they were holding to help raise money for their Hospice House. I had in the past given painted furniture but now it was a few years later and was no longer painting furniture so I offered a painting. I gave her a list of paintings she could choose from and she picked the one shown. Maybe I will gain some business or a collector and maybe not. What I do know is every time I think of that painting or see an image of it I will have great satisfaction knowing my little painting helped someone to receive compassionate quality care at the end of their life. I am certainly not saying to donate to whom ever asks but a single donation every year or two would go along way. Just a thought to ponder- money pays the bills but giving nurtures your soul.