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Are you a true artist?

During this past month I have read some wonderful articles on line and in print regarding the different obstacles we artist always seem to meet. Through the words and thoughts but present in just about every article was the frustration felt by artists. First was the economy, a given, second galleries, third marketing but the forth was how artists and their contemporaries judged each other and harshly for the most part. Living a life as an artist is not an easy one and for many of us not a chosen one. Artist work in solitude and are far more sensitive to the world they live in. The average person may find this behavior unusual odd or dare I say abnormal but artist never seem to mind because deep within they carry that deep desire to create and to inspire others. So to think artists are criticizing other artists because they might not have top credentials or gallery following or a tribe (word used by gallery know it nots) or attended art schools and workshops I ask you now-are those who…