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Happy Birthday to a Kindred Spirit.

I was the one who shot the photo, it was a beautiful autumn day and I was enjoying the company of these wonderful friends. The man in the shot is my father, the other two are the dogs, Katie the blonde and Duffy, still a growing pup, and the lady was my kindred spirit and dear friend. She also happened to be my mom. So much time has passed but time is a funny thing, measured in years, but we can experience the feeling in a nano second with a single thought.
Happy Birthday you dear sweet spirit and I hope you feel the love and light I feel for you in this moment. Remember everyone who has touched your heart (and some who didn't) are always with us so say hello or think about the beautiful moments you shared (they are like energy hugs of love) because even if you can not see them they really are still there.
Go ahead, try it.