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My parents told me to always be polite.

I grew up with parents that were a little older than all my friends parents. Today parents come in all sorts of ways so they wouldn't be too much out of the norm. But back then it was. They were hard-working and believed if you worked at it you could just possibly meet your goal. Because they were older their childhood was spent growing up during the Great Depression. Maybe it was because of this my parents never took anything for granted and never thought of asking for a hand out. If you wanted anything you saved your extra pennies and bought it. Of course you had bank accounts that actually paid interest so it enticed you to save.
My father hated government and I remember him saying Government will be our downfall. I used to argue the pro and cons with him but in the end he usually won. My dad was a brilliant man but saw the negative side of people. If he knew how right his words were as I write this today. Oh I digress. My mom believed in gratitude and showing it ev…