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Removing Personal Info.

Ok many of you have read this so many times before beware posting personal info on your sites. Many artist have this dilemma to post info so clients can reach them easily, but our business info and personal info sometimes meld together. Many creative people work out of there homes and this is very prevalent today. I have always taken the attitude people can find the info if they know how so why worry. To be very clear worry. I just had an incidence where someone found my number on my site and tried to convince me I knew this person from years back. He kept asking me questions about my personal history in the form of do you remember what's and where was that? This is the 2nd scam I have had so now all info is being deleted. By the way don't answer questions on the phone either.

This is also why I have a very big dog who's main job is to protect me, which he does with extreme expertise. I have seen Tuck hold a 250lb man back at the door because I did not say it …