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Fairy Potting Shed House from Laurie Rohner Studio

Between the Weeds Collection has a new addition the Fairy Potting Shed House. I fell in love with this concept and had loads of fun putting it all together.
Fairy Potting Shed HouseFrom LRStudio Custom Fairy House Potting Shed
I used a clay pot for this concept and then filled it with a chair, shelf, a painted storage pot, a gazing ball (of course), and assorted rocks and sea glass with moss and bark. It is a custom piece and very unique. Great conversational addition to your porch or anywhere protected outside. I love to place them by the fireplace. This fairy potting shed is a part of my Between the Weeds collection.  Measures 8.25" x 8" x 8.5". Weighs 3.4lbs. It costs $55 and $10 shipping. This piece won't last it is just that cute. Check it out and go to my Etsy Shop to BUY.

Do artist have an economic value?

In the recent weeks I have listen to some people in the media make flippant statements about artist and their lofty unrealistic attitudes. Saying we contribute very little to the community and to our economic well being. Furthering their attack with contorted facial expressions and giving the sense of being in a continuous drug induced state. At first I found it humorous because these people certainly do not know the artist I know. These artist are hard working, humble, highly motivated and extremely intelligent individuals who are passionate adventurous entrepreneurs and a main stay in our country's and society's economical recovery. 
Go online and do a search and you will find 10's of thousands of artist, all levels of ability ,producing and selling their art. Professionals who sustain and care for the spirit of humankind. Most people do not understand the way we process our work nor do they understand the sacrifices and struggles we endure in order to create the work. Al…