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A Small Discovery.

I had decided to start the year ready for new and exciting changes. I organized myself and my living /work space. I donated to worthy causes and discarded items to be recycled or put a sign out offering them for free and as I worked I discovered how freeing the experience had become. There has been a lot of change in my life with the passing of some key people and the numerous moves I had made over the past several years. I found that I had held onto the ghosts and memories of an old outdated life that no longer represented who and how I wanted my life to be lived. People who brought back painful memories and who are not in my life anymore yet I packed photos carefully and moved them with me each time. Why do we cling to these painful memories and people so tightly? I feel sometimes we stay so connected to things in the past we get stuck and can’t move forward. Growth becomes stagnant and our lives are lived out in a void of indifference and without passion. So this past week I had a …