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Laurie Rohner Studio Opens a New Store at

There are some exciting new changes coming to Laurie Rohner Studio. The most recent is opening a new store at
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Painted Decorative Art Original CardsOriginal Art and IllustrationsFairy Houses As the new year progresses I will be adding new home decor, hand printed cards and journals, fairy houses and my original art.  I have decided to break free from Etsy - though I will keep some things there in my shop. But unless things change with their approach in how they handle there business and the CEO's flippant attitude towards the security of shop owners info I am finding a more suitable way market my business. I have a bunch of things stewing in my big marketing pot. I find with trial and error the best solutions for my business tend to eventually float to the top of the mix. This is exciting. Where will this take me? I have mapped out a plan and along the way I will make the necessary course adjustments but where or how it all turns out for 2015? On…