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Etsy Shop owners and online shops how are you shipping?

My online shop is with Etsy and I think they offer the best services. It is a nice community of creative and vintage sellers. If you haven't heard of Etsy please go and check out the site at but that is not why I bring etsy up. My question is to online shops owners about their shipping policies. Do you offer free shipping or do you charge a set price for an each item?

Yesterday I was searching for some supplies I needed but when I got to their checkout the shipping charge was really high. Since I ship I had a good idea what the weight of my order would ship for and was very shocked at the price. I cancelled my items and decided to keep looking. I thought about my shop realizing anyone who stops in will not have any shipping charges if they live in the USA. I charge the actual shipping charge for everywhere else plus any other fees associated with the shipment. No surprises and the customer knows this right up front. So is this a good thing or does it not matter?

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