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The making of a custom order.

I recently finished this custom ordered Keepsake Box for a gift to a new bride. It gives me a nice feeling to complete something for someone I have never met but I know my keepsake box and artwork will serve as a wonderful reminder to a beautiful day in ones life. Anyway the box started out looking like this. This is a pine crafted with a cove detail and is painted a soft creamy bone. I then added the brides bouquet to the top from an image I received via email and inscribed on the inside the bride and groom's name and date of wedding.
This is an image of the finished box and the photo a worked from. The main image of the bouquet I painted on the top of the box. The front side I showed white ribbon and loose petals cascading down the side. Each order I paint differently because the shape and follow of the bouquets can vary, so the boxes shapes can vary also. I think this is such a special gift to give a couple and I enjoy being able to bring it to my client.

Fun cottage items added to Etsy Shop

I just added these stacking boxes to my Etsy shop along with another wall clock. I bought the boxes and the clock to paint and had some fun with them. Once they are sold they will not appear again because I would rather build and finish my own things and of course will keep refurbishing found pieces as my bit for the environment.   
Set of 3 Stacked Boxes $35 + $7shpg

First time.

This is the first time in all the years I have voted - which are many - I am not going to vote. I have lived through many campaigns and not once have I ever been so disappointed in what our government is doing. Not once did I NOT vote. I have become so disgusted with our government and the broken promises from both sides of the aisle. I feel like I am watching children in a 1st grade class acting out. I really want to see everyone fired. Let us get some new innovative thinkers in Congress. So there I said it oh well maybe...
I can always hope.