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Welcome spring with a keepsake box.

Welcome Spring this year with a cherished Keepsake Box just as these little birdies are doing. My keepsake box is hand crafted and hand painted with a unique one of a kind design. It is one of my favorite designs to paint and when finished makes me smile. I am sure it will do the same fro you.

The size is very functional. You can store photos or all your charging gadgets inside when not in use. Great way to keep yourself organized. Interested in buying this one of a kind finely painted box please visit my Etsy shop at BetweenTheWeeds by LRStudio.

Hand Painted Keepsake Box Birdhouse and Birds Hand painted wood keepsake box with birds in a tree checking out a new birdhouse home. The birdhouse hangs on the front of the box from a branch that is painted around the top and four sides. It is spring and things are just starting to sprout alive. The keepsake box is a large sturdy size with lift off lid and a dreamy robin egg blue inside. Use as a memento box for cherished pho…